I Squared R Element Company Manufactures
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements (Starbar®) and
Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements (Moly-D®)

Igniter Systems

I Squared R Element Co

I Squared R Element Co. Serves a Variety of Industries Including Glass, Semi Conductor, Solar Energy and Metallurgical


Starbar® and Moly-D® heating elements are frequently used in the following industries:

  • Glass - holding, refining and experimental glass melting
  • Ceramics - firing of ferrites, steatites, titanates, tiles, refractories, dinnerware, electrical porcelain, calcining, ores, and powders
  • Semi Conductor -- Diffusion and LPCVD furnaces for silicon wafers
  • Metallurgical - heat treating, forging, annealing, hardening and deoxidizing, brazing, sintering powdered metal parts, and melting.
  • Diecasting
  • Solar Energy
  • Laboratory, Research and Development
  • Heating industries with application temperatures over 540ºC (1000ºF)
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